Due to increasing data costs imposed by the Pennsylvania court system, we regret we can no longer provide this service to our users.

As you know, we have historically received weekly data feeds from the Pennsylvania court system containing updated case records information. Unfortunately, the cost of these weekly data feeds has been increased from approximately $6,000/year to approximately $42,000/year. Following the Pennsylvania court system’s imposition of this price increase upon us, we have made every effort to find a way to preserve this service for our loyal users.

However, despite our best efforts, the magnitude of this 700% increase in data expense has proved to be insurmountable. Our business model is simply unsustainable in the wake of this enormous price increase that has been imposed upon us. Therefore, we must regretfully suspend our business operations. We appreciate and value the many friendships we have developed with our users over the past four years, and we deeply regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Electronic docket information is available for free via the Pennsylvania Court System’s UJS portal, found here: